This is my portfolio.


The projects found in my portfolio were completed with wild creativity, on time and within budgets, and established a firm hand in constructing compelling stories. Below you will find case studies that cover my wide-ranging experience, from broadcast production to live events to digital media content.

There are many more examples, but the following case studies represent my depth of experience and well-rounded approach to production. This page includes my most recent work as a story editor, my picture editor demo reel, a live event that was translated across multi-platforms, an international sporting competition that needed a community feel, a business that wanted to increase sponsorship valuation, my experience directing at the Olympics, and solving the problem of combining education with entertainment.

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BACKGROUND CHECK: Finding the facts behind the story.

In September 2019, I started working for Yap Films as Associate Producer and Senior Researcher on a new factual series. My job is to locate the facts and information that the writers and editors need in order to shape the narrative. In addition, I am helping to coordinate all the pieces that go into the production.


STORY EDITING: Helping to shape the narrative.

With every new challenge, there comes a bit of a learning curve. I’m naturally curious and enjoy learning new things. When an opportunity appeared to take a role as a story editor for Media Headquarters and the History Channel, I jumped at the chance. Perhaps my favourite part of post-production is sorting through all the footage and organizing the story.

Luckily, I had been operating as my own story editor for many years. I immediately felt comfortable in the role and got down to work. The show is called Salvage Kings and focuses on a demolition company.

Challenge: To assist the other story editors and picture editors in shaping the narrative, determining segments, and providing options and ideas.

Solution: I’ve been able to bring my many years of editorial experience to the forefront to help get the segments in great condition quickly and efficiently.


EDITING: Various projects across genres, formats, and platforms.

During the course of my career, I’ve had the privilege of working on a wide range of projects. Whether it be broadcast television projects such as Bob and Doug McKenzie’s 2-4 Anniversary, Drain the Bermuda Triangle for National Geographic, or the Canada’s Walk of Fame for Global, all projects were constructed with a foundation in story.

In addition to the work on my demo reel below, I have edited and story edited numerous commercials, corporate videos, music videos, documentaries, films, live concerts, and many other projects.

Challenge: To establish the narrative for each individual project, complete the editing on time and on budget, and deliver the best quality product.

Solution: Through hard work, being an expert in my craft, and approaching each project from a story-driven perspective, I have been able to consistently create successful end products.


SKATE CANADA: A live event that travelled across multiple platforms.

For the first time ever, late night television met figure skating. Skate Canada, the national figure skating organization, wanted to produce an event that celebrated Olympic atheletes and promoted their charitable funds. Complete with a monologue, sharp desk, and guest couch, I co-wrote and co-produced Breaking the Ice, the first late night talk show all about figure skating.

The first outing was so successful that the show was produced for a second year last October. The late night talk show format was used in conjunction with exclusive video interludes, guest games, and other content.

Breaking the Ice was presented live in front of hundreds of guests. In addition, the show was filmed for social media and digital promotions, and the audio recordings used for podcasting purposes. Check out the emotional video below that closed out the first event.

Challenge: To create an event that was entertaining, informative, and which would inspire audience members to support Skate Canada athletes and charitable funds.

Solution: This project had a balanced approach between creativity, budget-efficiency, and hard-nosed research. The concept was to present a show that had never been seen before in this sporting community. This was achieved through detail-oriented planning, cohesiveness of vision, creative talent, and with a collaborative leadership approach.

Breaking the Ice (an event co-hosted and co-produced by Paul) was a tremendous success. The event gave our generous donors the unique opportunity to interact with members of our national team.
— Skate Canada

INVICTUS GAMES: The playbook on combining an international sporting event, corporate support, and community engagement.

The Invictus Games are an international sporting event for wounded, ill and injured servicemen and women, both currently serving and veterans. The Games use the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding of and respect for those who serve their country.

The word Invictus is Latin for unconquered. It embodies the fighting spirit of the wounded, injured and ill service personnel and what these tenacious men and women can achieve, post-injury.

My work for the Invictus Games Toronto 2017 involved two key areas, one client-facing and the other audience-based. The Veteran's Career Summit was held in conjunction with the Games. The purpose was to connect Invictus Games participants with businesses and organizations seeking employees. I helped establish a community-minded microsite as a hub to support both the veterans and participating companies. In order to educate the public about the Games, I developed a podcast with the organizing committee. 

Challenge: To create a microsite that provided support and information during the Veteran's Career Summit. Also, deliver a podcast that built public awareness about participants and the Games. 

Solution: Alongside the organizing committee, I set about building a strategy, workflow process, design infrastructure, and complete execution of deliverables. Click on the image below to listen to Invictus Games Radio.

The guidance and incredible project management skills provided was simply amazing. A workflow was created that addressed all of our needs and goals.
— Invictus Games

GALLERIA DALLAS: Can you create a digital voice for my business?

The request was simple: digitally reconfigure the image of the Galleria Dallas Ice Skating Center and the Macy’s Grand Tree Celebration from the ground up. The purpose was to build the value of the brand in order to increase sponsorship and customer base.

I started with targeting pieces of the business to create a narrative of it being a hub of community, entertainment, and family-friendly fun. Next I oversaw the re-design of the organization image, such as the logo and website.

In order to capture the exciting events happening at the Galleria Dallas, we focused on video to explore all the entertaining opportunities for customers and sponsors. This included working with sponsors such as Macy's and Cadillac. Below is just one of the many videos produced for Galleria Dallas.

Challenge: The goal with this project was to translate the business of the Galleria Dallas to various online platforms. Their presence online was purely informational, and I was hired to build a strategy to help increase digital visibility.

Solution: I worked with various designers and production contractors to create new branding, establish a modern website, and produce numerous videos.

We are so proud of the work we did alongside Paul.
— Executive Producer, Galleria Dallas

OLYMPIC GAMES: How do you help run one of the best produced broadcasts ever?

Being hired as a director at the Olympic Games is one of the highest levels of achievement in broadcasting. The Olympic Broadcasting Service only hires the best of the best.

My role was to direct the fifteen person ISO department where we oversaw the narrative flow of the replays and connecting elements. Intense, fifteen hour days translated into one of the best run ISO departments ever, according to executive producers.

Broadcast television combines technical knowledge, creativity, and the ability to manage a variety of personalities. Not to mention we were producing live television, which leaves no room for errors. Included below is a broadcast of the Olympic Champion, which I helped bring to the world. Click on the image to check it out.

Challenge: To establish a managerial workflow to run an efficient and error-free broadcast. The directors are invisible in a production, creating a seamless product for sponsors and viewers.

Solution: I developed my own processes, sometimes applying them in real time, in order to run my production room in a seamless fashion. Mistakes were swiftly dealt with, efficiency and collaboration ruled. The result was a room I was in control of, but also one I was able to create the feeling of teamwork and individual contribution.


INTERNATIONAL SKATING UNION: Narratively Driven Educational Solutions.

This series of educational, entertaining, and information videos was created to promote the sports under the banner of the International Skating Union. Twenty-five videos detailing various elements of four different sports played at events across the world.

My role on this project was to produce, research, write scripts, supervise post-production, and edit the videos. From the history of the sports to the stories of modern times, the goal was to simplify these complex athletic stories into easily digestable pieces of content.

The videos were divided up by sport, and further into history, equipment, rules, and modern evolutions. They were a huge success in connecting the audience more deeply with the sports. Below is one of the videos as an example. To see some more videos in this series, click on the button:

Challenge: To build as many videos as possible within the budget allocated. By streamlining the process and my experience in various roles, I took on the project hiring and worked with contractors to build the videos from scratch.

Solution: Carefully planned and executed the timeline of production in order to be efficient with the budget and accomplish the ambitious proposal.