The Novel.

Our hero hit rock bottom long ago. Suffering from a debilitating mental illness, he finds himself tucked away in a hospital. Despair kicks in and he sees no way out of the darkness.

Then a kiwi comes along and brings hope into his existence. He soon fills his days and nights with dreams of travelling across the world to a new and peaceful life.

Dreams are different from reality. He can only plan his plane tickets, ferry rides, and cross-country trips so far. When he finally takes the leap towards his goal, he finds adventure, love, and battles with the greatest foe of all: himself.


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The fourth season of Storytime with Paul Dore is a series of podcast episodes that includes audio excerpts from the novel. Also, there are a few episodes with interviews about mental health issues, themes that run throughout the book. The season ends with the book launch live event.

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Book Launch.

As usual, this wasn’t your average book launch. Arlene Paculan provided the music, and I provided the storytelling. Weaving music, stories, video, and pictures, Arlene and I presented an event that told the narrative of how Dreams of Kiwi came to be. And yes, there were even kiwis.

Here are some videos and photographs of the launch. The first video is the movie trailer for LifeMan: Dreams of Being a Kiwi. A big Hollywood studio adapted the book into a film. Against my wishes, they turned the book into a superhero movie. The second is an edited version of the entire performance of the launch.

Photographs by Janine Wong.