Bonus Episode: Butterflies

Season Five

The season ends with this special last minute bonus episode.

The Story

This is a live performance from the last Stories We Don’t Tell event of the season. For the show, I had an entirely different story prepared, but something more important happened. At the last minute, I decided I wanted to share some experiences from a ten-year friendship that was very essential to my evolution as a writer and as a person. Stories We Don’t Tell was the perfect environment to talk about this friend of mine, I’m sure he was smiling down on that show.

Podcast Partners

The live monthly event Stories We Don’t Tell has been my storytelling home for almost five years. To learn more, visit the website at The theme music is by singer/songwriter Arlene Paculan, check her out at

Listen and/or Read

Read a transcript of this episode on my blog. Listen to the episode with the player below.

Paul Dore