5.7 The Invisible Man

Season Five

This season I go back to my roots, and share some stories recorded in-studio. You’ll get one story per episode, along with a return of Paul’s Picks, where I share something I’ve been reading, watching, or listening to.

The Story

Usually I move through the city invisible, and I like it this way. Sometimes you have to step outside of yourself. Step back. Reassess your situation. And in these times, you might see a better vision of yourself. Of who you could be.

Paul’s Pick

The podcast Believed really blew me away. It’s a mini-series about the Olympic gymnastic scandal, and it’s so intense at times I needed to take a break. I think these are important stories to document, no matter how difficult they are to hear. I am so appreciative of the many people that came forward to tell their stories.

How did Larry Nassar, an Olympic gymnastics doctor, get away with abusing hundreds of women and girls for two decades? Believed is an inside look at how a team of women won a conviction in one of the largest serial sexual abuse cases in U.S. history. It's a story of survivors finding their power in a cultural moment when people are coming to understand how important that is. It's also an unnerving exploration of how even well-meaning adults can fail to believe. Listen to the podcast here.

Podcast Partners

The live monthly event Stories We Don’t Tell has been my storytelling home for almost five years. To learn more, visit the website at storieswedonttell.org. The theme music is by singer/songwriter Arlene Paculan, check her out at officialarlene.com.

Listen and/or Read

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Paul Dore