4.8 Art Saved My Life!

Season Four

This season of Storytime with Paul Dore is being released in two different sections. The first six episodes will be audio excerpts from my new novel, Dreams of Being a Kiwi. Since the novel deals with themes involving mental health issues, the second part of the season will be conversations about this topic with various experts and interesting people.

The Episode

For each episode, I'll be including a short preamble that briefly introduces the topic and guest. The preamble is about how important it is to my mental health to have various kinds of creative outlets. The conversation is with Adrianna Prosser, a storyteller and geeky social media addict who supports mental health advocacy through her podcast Stories Like Crazy. Combining her Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) and safeTALK certification, she hopes to engage the audience and go beyond the stage and screen to creating a safe place for discussion and sharing. She is currently an Ontario Association for Suicide Prevention (OASP) member. Originally broadcast last year on the Stories We Don't Tell Podcast, I had the privilege of talking with Adrianna about her one-woman bereavement piece 'Everything but the Cat..'. and the work she does outside of the stage. To learn more about Adrianna, visit adrianna-prosser.com.

Podcast Partners

The theme music is by singer/songwriter Arlene Paculan, check her out at officialarlene.com.

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