3.5 The Dunk Tank

Season Three

For the third season of Storytime, I’m trying something a little different. Each episode is a live recording from the Stories We Don’t Tell monthly event.

The Story

Skating is for the winter months, swimming is for the summer months. In my personal observations, I’ve noticed men - and it’s almost always men - have to display their machismo in public pools. This is the story of such a man, but one that gets his comeuppance.

Podcast Partners

To learn more about the live monthly event Stories We Don’t Tell, visit the website at storieswedonttell.org. The theme music is by singer/songwriter Arlene Paculan, check her out at arlenepaculan.com.

Read and Listen

Read a transcript of this episode on my blog. Listen to the episode with the player below.

Paul Dore