1.2 My Place in the World

The Story

A few weeks ago, I shared this story at the monthly event, Stories We Don't Tell. Recorded live off the floor, the story is told in three parts and is about indifferent pedestrians, an altercation at an outdoor skating rink and meeting someone at the theatre who coincidentally has the same shirt as me. As with each story, there is a winner and a loser. Who wins and who loses might be a surprise. It's a mad, mad world out there, take care of yourselves.

Paul's Pick

I thought the Missing Richard Simmons Podcast was scripted when I first heard about it. It's very real. You know Richard Simmons, pretty much everyone does. He disappeared from public view three years ago and amid wild speculation, he refuses to talk to anyone. The host, a friend of Richard's, tries to figure out what happened. It's a true life mystery story that has quite a depth of humanity.