6.16 The Walking Man Full Performance

Last week I talked about the lead up to the launch event, but what’s been happening since The Walking Man was released? Well, I really shot myself in the foot. You see, the event was a lot of work to put together, many people were involved and many hours logged. And I really believe it was a success, which if you know me, that’s a big statement. I shot myself in the foot because I loved every minute of it.

I loved organizing the event, getting the right people onboard, writing the script, making the videos, rehearsing and working with musician Arlene Paculan, communicating the performance to staging director Brian G. Smith, promoting the event and packing the venue at the Centre for Social Innovation. It was the best. I can’t wait to do this all again with another project.

I should have really given myself some time to recover after this event, that really, was a few years in the making. Naturally, I dove right back into what was next and didn’t take a break. Over the weeks after the launch, I increasingly found it more and more difficult to find the motivation to work on these new projects. All I kept thinking about was how I wanted to find a way to keep pushing forward and do more projects like this launch event that encompasses all of my skills.

The publishing world is changing. Hell, every form of media - music, film, television, books - has changed or is in the process of changing. My concept is to not just be an author or filmmaker or writer, I’m interested in how all of these forms can be combined to tell stories. But, it will take time to sort through how to make this a viable way to distribute and create new projects.

I will say that there are some big things coming in the next year. I want to expand on what we did with The Walking Man. I can’t really talk about many of the details, but if all goes according to plan, there might be some film stuff, there might be more book stuff, there will definitely be more performance stuff. I just hope there will continue to be more stuff.

For now, I offer you the entire performance from The Walking Man book launch that happened a few months ago. And if you’re so inclined to purchase a copy of the book, this link will take you to AMAZON or click on this BLOG POST to find a bookseller near you. If you need any motivation, Jonathan Valelly from Quill & Quire writes: “The Walking Man flirts with being a confessional chronicle, but, at its best moments, it becomes a globetrotting tale that imagines new ways to get at what’s really going on.”

Big thanks again to all those that made this happen, my supporters and everyone that joined us on this night.