3.40 Hiatus


Last week my website got hacked by someone named Hacker. What an original name. The situation reminds me of when I got my computer stolen a few years ago. I failed to backup my files and lost many photographs and documents. I wanted to find the assailant, ask for an hour or so with my computer in order to copy the files, and then he or she could sell it or do whatever they planned on doing with it. The issue wasn’t the computer itself, but the years of work digitally stored on the hard drive. For years after, every once in a while, I needed one of those photographs or files and cursed the evil thief. In a similar way, I don’t really care about being hacked. It happens. I don’t understand why someone would hack my site. It wasn’t personal, just random. I was able to export all my entries and I have them backed up on my computer anyway. But now, any links to my stories on the internet are dead. None of them will work. And all the photographs are gone. I just don’t have enough energy to replace them all. Plus, like the stolen photographs and files, every once in a while I’ll probably come across a dead link on the site.

These things happen for a reason. I’ll be getting into it later on when I’m back up and running, but just a week before I got hacked, I mused about how to reboot this site and my work. Nothing like the threat of losing it all to get you motivated. If the Mayans are wrong and we make it to 2013, it will mark the fourth year I’ve been posting. Things are getting a bit stale. But I don’t want to get into right now and spoil the fun. So, I’m going on an extended hiatus until the new year.

If you’re so inclined, there’s years of searchable material available through the Archives and Categories selections below.

Here is a photograph of a monkey that mooned me:

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