3.8 Doppelgängers

Upon further revisiting of things, I came across this trailer for a movie that was never produced. The screenplay, Doppelgängers, was written and pitched around, but I could not get enough interest to transition it beyond this stage. Again, my inability to move this concept beyond the initial offering was unfortunate, since I still believe there is merit to the idea. In order to try and sell the screenplay, I edited together a montage of stock footage, photographs, new footage and voice over. The idea was to show what the film might look like, and to capture the tone and feeling. It is interesting to me that some people believe this is a trailer for an actual movie, sadly, as stated above, it never was made.


During this time, I was attempting to transition from ‘home-made’ movies into projects with actual budgets and larger production values. I had made a bunch of short films and even longer ones, all completely produced independently and organized through a network of professionals who were good enough to donate their time. This film would have been a small-scaled production, but my plan was to continue building on my relationships with those patient enough to trust me in past projects. Unfortunately, this never really materialized. But, maybe one of these days.

The screenplay was based on four original short stories revolving around five people at different stages in their lives (12 years old, 26 years old, 41 years old, 55 years old and 72 years old). The film was broken up into sections, one for each age, and at various important points during each story, the main characters crossed paths. The stories all happened in the same time frame and although they are all physically different people, the overall film tells the narrative of one person. The point was to play fast and loose with time and space. The original idea stemmed from the old saying, “If I had only known then what I know now.”