2.50 Entry Two

Here is some more shameless self-promotion. Annoying, I know. The second entry of my Zouch Magazine & Miscellany column, The Book of Annoyance, is on the shelves, or at least available on your computer. ***

Despite what you may think, I view myself as a hopeful person. Someone who enjoys complaining, sure. An individual who finds many questionable elements in everyday human behaviour, definitely. Am I judgmental? Yes, although this is a part of my personality I am trying to change. But change becomes more complicated with each passing year.

There is hope in cynicism, a hope that by airing our collective dirty laundry, perhaps we can move forward, evolve into better people and treat one another with more respect and dignity. I hope that my contribution of complaining about these little annoying situations is helpful, and I can then take my place in the canon of high-minded individuals who have attempted to culturally elevate us to new heights of awareness. I may be painting myself into a corner, as pretentious statements such as the sentence preceding this one are more often than not very annoying. However, a little annoyance goes a long way.