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A bit of self-promotion. I have started writing for the online literary journal Zouch Magazine. Started by Jeff Campagna and Salvatore W. Delle Palme, Zouch covers everything from art and literature to interviews and cartoons.

In addition to the high quality content, the magazine created the Zouch Public House, a community where artists and writers can plug in and build a network of shared artistic experiences.

Zouch’s approach is to use the potential of the internet as a tool to promote writing and writers and be a catalyst for discussion. This is exactly the kind of online activity I had been looking for and I’m excited to be working with them.

I like to complain. It is ingrained. After all, my blog includes many things that annoy me. I started thinking that perhaps I could transform complaining into something constructive. The wonderful people at Zouch humoured me when I sent them a spoof of The Book of Awesome. My version, The Book of Annoyance, is a series of vignettes based on the Awesome format that explores universal aspects of human behaviour.

As I said in the first article of The Book of Annoyance, “We can gather together through a collective contempt for the little annoying situations that frustrate us, small moments of time where we can gather together, complain and vent.” I might be overstepping my relevance to the zeitgeist, but maybe I can help provide some insight by talking about these different subjects. Or at least add a little humour to your day.

From rain umbrellas the size of patio umbrellas to ridiculous signage to unnecessary hand motions such as air quotes, I will be adding more annoyances regularly to Zouch. Here is the first article:

The Book of Annoyance

Zouch Magazine:

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