2.12 Status Update

Folks! I felt it was time to provide some new material and an update for all of my loyal readers out there. I appreciate the continual support and hope I can keep up with the demand.

The stories – real, imagined or a bit of both – have increasingly gotten more and more bizarre. Shark hunting to Craigslist to phantom limbs. All I can say for myself is that I have no control over where my imagination takes me. If you’re reading this update, I assume that you’re willing to keep going with me on this. We might as well see where it all leads.

In all likely hood, it will only get more bizarre from here. Case in point: Look for the next entry on March 20, 2011 that explains what a hair loss supplement, string theory and parallel universes have in common.

What’s new:

• New blog entries every week. For the archives, click, well, ARCHIVES in the menu. Lots to read in the back catalogue.

• New videos on my YouTube page. I’ve included some excerpts from projects I edited.

• How about we make a deal: you follow me on Twitter (@jeffreypauldore) and I’ll follow you.

• Contact me – I want to know what you’re thinking.

That’s all for now.

Jeffrey Paul Dore

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