1.34 Storytelling Part Deux

TORONTO, ONTARIO: Time to not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk. A cliché, sure. But a cliché is full of truth, otherwise it wouldn’t be a cliché - “Which is in itself a cliché,” said Johnny from the film Naked. I spoke last time of how important it is to tell stories. So, I decided to put a story up on this website and see what people think. In this age of interactivity and rapid consumption of material, I thought I would turn over a story to you, the reader. It is a ‘creative non-fiction’ story (don’t you love that term - could mean just about anything) and I have no real idea where it will ever find a home. So, why not here?

Instead of being a thirty second youtube clip or something short and easily digestible, I have chosen a twelve-page story. Call me crazy, but I think people are still interested to invest the time with something that is (hopefully) fun, light – breezy almost – and reflective.

The story is about a time long ago. An innocent time when dreams still held meaning and naivety was firmly intact. I had a short-lived stint working in the illustrious catering industry for a company that exclusively served film and television sets.

The main point here is to see what you think. Please leave comments, whether you loved it or hated it. You can access the story through the menu under the category STORIES or click HERE.

Sorry, this story is no longer available.

WritingJeffrey Paul Dore