1.1 Introductions

TORONTO, ONTARIO: I have joined the blogosphere, reluctantly but with the hope that I will embrace this form of expression and communication and in turn connect with others out there floating around. Maybe we’ll bump into each other. What turned me off initially was the notion of a public journal. Something kind of like a diary but one written with the intention not of holding your fears and hopes and desires close to your heart under lock and key for no one to see, nope, something for all to see. Which makes little sense if you think about it. Here I am and hopefully it will be something of value or at least entertaining. I don’t know myself what this blog will be about yet. I guess you could say it’s about observations, but that is a vaguely general term and one that is overused. What I would like to do is share, point out and exploit my own contradiction of logic. I like to think of myself in certain ways, just like many others. This perception of oneself is sometimes at odds with what is lurking deep inside waiting to get out. I want to explore those contradictions, find my inner hypocrite, and for some reason put it on the Internet.

By hoping to point out my inner-hypocrite, I aim to show that it is not really all that difficult. I want to have some fun and perhaps make some kind of connection to people out there clicking and surfing and who somehow find this blog. And share, please share – point out my hypocrisies within hypocrisies. I might lapse into some complaining but I am good at it. I’ve always been told to stick to what you’re good at.

Now, because this is the Internet and it lasts forever, the truth might be stretched, it might be elaborated on, characters might be fused together in order to present myself as the witty, charming and intelligent person I perceive myself to be. So, some of this might come with tongue firmly planted in cheek and although I strive to always tell the truth – cross my heart and hope to die – there might be some instances of formed honesty. A term that is up for individual interpretation.

But I will always want to know: And what do you think?