I started Stories We Don't Tell over three years ago with Brianne Benness and Stefan Hostetter. This live show is a monthly storytelling event that takes place in houses and apartments across Toronto. Our next event is on January 27th, 2018. Click on the banner below for information.


What's it about?

Maybe you're thinking, "Well, this all sounds interesting, but what the hell is a live storytelling event?" Each show features new and seasoned performers sharing personal stories in front of the most engaging audience you'll find in the Toronto storytelling scene.

Can I tell a story or be in the audience?

I'm so glad you asked! To learn more about sharing a story at our event or when the next one is happening, here are some very handy interweb links for you: check out the Stories We Don't Tell Website or like our Facebook Page.

Listen to the podcast.

Guess what? In case you were wondering what it's like at the show, we have just the thing: a podcast! The Stories We Don't Tell Podcast showcases stories from the event and discussions about storytelling. Subscribe to the podcast by clicking below on your distribution network logo of choice: iTunes, Stitcher or Android.