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Creative Consulting


This is my hourly consulting rate. Choose the amount of hours you need, or get in touch about day and half-day rates. Book now to get my help with telling your story. More information below.

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I thrive in the space between inception and production. My passion comes from helping my clients develop a vision, and guiding this vision along the entire creative process to the finished product. I stay true to what I do best to ensure that the consulting you receive translates into a clear ROI. With almost 20 years experience in production, publishing, content creation and media, I can help you focus on one aspect of your business, or work as part of your team to provide expanded support for accelerated results.

I've worked with a wide variety of clients including: the Invictus Games, Deloitte, Stack, CBC, Children's Wish, Skate Canada and Dress Wright. I can help on anything from video production to writing to podcasting to product conception.

This selection is my hourly rate, but you can get in touch to learn more about day and half-day rates at jpd [@] You'll receive a response from me within 12 hours, appointment availability and a short questionnaire about your project.