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“The Walking Man flirts with being a confessional chronicle, but, at its best moments, it becomes a globetrotting tale that imagines new ways to get at what’s really going on.”
— Jonathan Valelly, Quill & Quire

The Walking Man starts out lost in the desserts of Jordon. The novel explores a year in the life of the main character - someone very similar to the author - and his attempts to make sense of a tumultuous year. Based on many of the author's own experiences, The Walking Man mixes reality and fiction with the act of walking as the thread holding the story of heartbreak, friendship and family history together. Whether it be tripping through a blackout in downtown Toronto, mistakenly caught up in a massive historical society's war re-enactment or out-witting the law while speed-walking beside his 93 year-old scooter riding confidant Mary, the protagonist eventually walks all the way from Toronto to Niagara Falls in his quest to find the truth.

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