I'm just a man with many talents.

III. This is my podcast.



This used to be a totally different show called the Open Kwong Dore Podcast. We've evolved into Storytime with Paul Dore. The podcast is presented by Open Kwong Dore Media and is produced by me and Pj Kwong.

The Show.

Each episode is a short adrenaline shot of a story straight to the mind, heart or sometimes the funny bone, wherever that is located. Also included is Paul's Picks, where I share something I am reading, listening to or watching.  Visit this link to learn more on the website.


You're probably asking yourself, "This is all great, Paul! But, how do I find this fascinating-sounding podcast?" Well, I have the perfect answer for you, fictional person! Subscribe to the podcast by clicking below on your distribution network logo of choice: iTunes, Stitcher or Android. Click on the banners below for all season two episodes.