IV. This is my podcast.


The Show.

Each episode is a short adrenaline shot of a story straight to the mind, heart or sometimes the funny bone, wherever that is located. All archived episodes are available via iTunes.


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Bonus Episode.

Listen to this bonus episode to get ready for the upcoming release of season five. This episode includes some suggestions that I’ve recently learned.

Season Four.

This season of Storytime with Paul Dore is being released in two different sections. The first six episodes will be audio excerpts from my new novel, Dreams of Being a Kiwi. Since the novel deals with themes involving mental health issues, the second part of the season will be conversations about this topic with various experts and interesting people.

Episode One: Dreams of Being a Kiwi

Episode Two: The Sister

Episode Three: Helen

Episode Four: The Kiwi Perspective

Episode Five: Francis Leifhead

Episode Six: Tomorrow

Episode Seven: That was Stupid!

Episode Eight: Art Saved My Life!

Episode Nine: My Inner Voice is a Jackass!

Episode Ten: Book Launch