I'm just a man with many talents.

This is my consulting business.


Guiding individuals and organizations to uncover their stories.


Storytime Consultancy helps you fill in the gaps of your story. Let's say you want to produce some promotional videos for your business. What do you want to say with these videos? How do you effectively communicate the message to your audience or customers? Storytime Consultancy lives in the space between inception and production.

Yes, I know, storytelling is trending at the moment. A buzz word, which implies that it is fleeting and empty. I've been dealing in stories for decades, which has created a deep understanding of the importance and value of establishing your narrative. In addition, the platforms available to tell your story has exploded. These are merely tools. Without exploring what you want to say, the message will be lost.

What I'm talking about can be abstract and difficult to pin down. This is where Storytime Consultancy enters armed with a no bull shit attitude. A solitary story outlaw swooping in to help develop your ideas and accelerate them into existence.

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For the past couple of years, I've been a part of the Hookup program at the Centre for Social Innovation. Generally, people with an idea would consult with me about project development. For example, they wanted to produce a podcast to build out their network or bring new insight to their brand. They had these two important pieces: knowing they wanted to make something and understanding the end goal. They came to me to develop the in-between bits.

For the past two decades, I've worked in almost every form of media. Yes, I could produce a video or build a website, but what sets my work apart from others is my ability to create a vision for their content.

What I learned from consulting at the Centre for Social Innovation and through my own work was two-fold. First, my skills, creativity and experience are ideal for working with people in this space between idea and production. Second, I fucking love the excitement of project inception.


Paul Dore (me) is - big breath - an author, blogger, podcaster, producer and director. In one word: storyteller. With twenty years of professional experience in television broadcasting, video production and multi-platform projects, I've been helping people and organizations tell their stories in a variety of ways.

Producing media and content has been a constant and I've worked across the world with international clients, including a stint for the Olympic Broadcasting Service at the 2014 Games in Sochi. I've worked with all manner of clients: from each of the biggest Canadian television networks to corporate at the highest level to non-profits to independent artists.

I'm the co-founder of the monthly storytelling event Stories We Don't Tell, release a new blog article every two weeks(ish) and currently co-host and co-produce three podcasts (Stories We Don't Tell, Storytime w/ Paul Dore and the @SkatingPj Podcast).

See and hear for yourself the power of storytelling through my website and the links included in this bio.


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