2.53 Changes

After working on the development of this blog for two years, it is time for a change. Don’t worry, all change is good. As they say, whoever they are, a change is better than a break. The structure I set up two years ago – one entry per week on a variety of topics, ranging from creative non-fiction to short stories to essays – has worked marginally well and afforded me the opportunity to explore and express a great many things on a wide spectrum of subjects. The format was loose, which allowed me to develop ongoing characters, stretch narratives, exercise my imagination and experiment with different forms. I’ve learned a great deal, perhaps most important of all, the requirement to continually move forward with new ideas.

Yes, I over-quote Louis CK, but so what, he’s usually right. As he said, “When you’re done telling jokes about airplanes and dogs, then what do you have left? You can only dig deeper. Start talking about your feelings and who you are. And then you do those jokes and they’re gone. You got to dig deeper. Then you start thinking about your fears and your nightmares and doing jokes about that and then they’re gone. And then you start getting into the weird shit. I started to think: what is it I really want to say that I’m afraid to say?” To be honest, the last few months have felt forced and a bit stale, which is not fair to me or you, the reader. I’ve enjoyed every story and found something within each of them, but it is time to move on.

I will provide updates every once in a while on the characters and stories that were developed over the past two years. The faux private investigator Wallace Crabtree, the psychic Lady Mary Jane, James the 13 year old credit fraudster, Mr. Puddles the dead dog, The Great Leap Forward, my Craigslist nemesis and all of the people that live and work in The Lighthouse.

As of January 1st, 2012, if the Mayan calendar is wrong and we are still here, the website will mostly stay the same but with some minor differences. I’m interested in working on more long form stories and so plan on posting one piece the first of every month. The plan is to spend more time on each article and bump up the quality quotient. Also, the first long format story marks my 100th posting, another reason for the change: after this many entries, it’s time to mix things up a bit.

I’m taking a little break over the holiday season to put the finishing touches on the first piece. In addition to the story, I am going to make a New Year’s Resolution to tweet more and will introduce a ‘resources’ page that connects to each story. It will include links and material related to the subject matter, allowing me to annoyingly tweet about them. Remember to follow me: @jeffreypauldore.

Thank you all who have read my writing and supported this website - I wouldn't be here without you.